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HIMEHINA’s “Hibari” Music Video Released

HIMEHINA’s “Hibari” music video was released yesterday and it might be the duo’s most beautiful and touching music video yet. HIMEHINA is a virtual YouTuber duo known for their high-energy, comedy videos and contrasting personalities. Hime Tanaka (田中ヒメ), the pink-haired, loud, and excitable one, originally debuted by herself back on March 18, 2018. However, on […]

Miku EXPO 2019 Taiwan and Hong Kong

Aloha, Islanders! On May 11, 2019, fans celebrated Miku EXPO 2019 in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Miku EXPO is a worldwide concert tour held by Crypton Future Media, the official developer of many famous Vocaloids such as Kagamine Rin and Len, Megurine Luka, KAITO, MEIKO, and of course, Hatsune Miku! Fans gathered to watch the […]

Tadaima. ~YURiKA Anison Cover~ album cover

Tadaima. ~YURiKA Anison Cover~ Preview Released

YURiKA is getting ready to launch her first anime cover album. Toho Animation released the preview for YURiKA’s new album, Tadaima. ~YURiKA Anison Cover~. The 4-minute preview video contains multiple anime opening songs covered by YURiKA and some instrumentals.  In 2016, J-Pop singer Yurika Kobayashi signed to Toho Animation Records. She then made her official […]