[NEW UPDATE] Update Notice 18-10-2019

Aloha, Islanders! We have a new update for you~

New Package!

Catfish Story Welfare Package
Catfish story set

Fortune Wheel Update!

Now you can find the Moon Rabbit, Rui Flower, and the Praise of Love sets and the Blue Lotus Language and Flying Nirvana Lotus mounts on Fortune Wheel!

Praise of Love set
Rui Flower set
Moon Rabbit set
Flying Nirvana Lotus mount
Blue Lotus Language mount

Accumulated Consumption!

If you consume your Diamonds between 18 October 2019 – 25 October 2019 and reach the specified amount, you’ll receive the Xuehua Twin set, Blue Dolphins mount, and other items.

Xueha Twin set
Blue Dolphins mount

Love Heart!

Increase your Heart Value with your beloved couple and get the Clear sky set and other items!

Clear Sky set

Exchange Event: Autumn Fairy Tale!

A new Exchange Item has arrived! You can exchange the new Hanasaki item for the Exotic Glass set, Pink Dolphins mount, and other items! <3

Hanasaki chest
Exotic Glass set
Pink Dolphins mount

More Events!

  • Single Recharge Diamond
  • Watering to Win a Gift
  • Active Win Gift
  • Waltz of love
  • Daily Online
  • Boost Drop Rate
  • 2x Rewards Dance Fest
  • Double EXP

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