[NEW UPDATE] Update Notice 11-10-2019

Aloha, Islanders! We have a new update for you~

New Egg!

Accumulated Consumption!

If you consume your Diamonds between 11 October 2019 – 17 October 2019 and reach the specified amount, you’ll receive the Wisteria Under the Flower set and other items!

Wisteria Under the Flower set

Gift of Love!

Send Gifts to your lovely friends and get the Elf Wing in the Lake wings and other items!

Elf Wing in the Lake wings

Heart Feast!

Increase your Heart Value with your couple during the event and receive the Nile Morning Light set and other items!

Nile Morning Light set

Exchange Event: Golden Autumn October!

A new Exchange Item has arrived! You can exchange the Lucky Night Stars for the Hometown Lake set, Summer of Bamboo Forest mount, and other items!

Lucky Night Star Chest
Hometown Lake set
Summer of Bamboo Forest mount

Wishing Star!

Fill in all the Wishing Stars and you can receive the Clear Sky set!

Clear Sky set

More Events!

  • Single Recharge 60 Diamonds
  • Dancing and Giving Gifts
  • Watering Flower
  • Contribution Guild
  • Daily Online
  • Boost Drop Rate
  • 2x Rewards Dance Fest
  • Double EXP

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