[NEW UPDATE] Update Notice 27-09-2019

Aloha, Islanders! We have a new update for you~

New Egg!

Xinghai Totem Egg
Star Pendant set
Violet Egg
Purple Coat set

New Mall Update!

Third Empire set
Crimson Age set
Bad Song Man Dance set

Accumulated Recharge!

If you recharge your Diamonds between 27 September 2019 – 10 October 2019 and reach the specified amount, you’ll receive the Hui Li Li set and other items.

Hui Li Li set

Horn Festival (Horn Event)!

Shout your love for your beloved friends and show it to the world to get the Star Language set and other items!

Star Language Tour set

Exchange Event: Golden Autumn October!

A new Exchange Item has arrived! You can exchange the new Lucky Night Star item for the Hometown Lake set and other items! <

Lucky Night Star chest
Hometown Lake set

New Wheel Update!

Now you can find the Dragon and Phoenix mounts and the Flame Draco and Blizzard Draco sets on the Fortune Wheel!

Flame Draco set
Blizzard Draco set

More Events:

  • Bottle Wins
  • Daily Consumption
  • Waltz of Love
  • Lucky Turn
  • Daily Online
  • Boost Drop Rate
  • 2x Rewards Dance Fest
  • Double EXP

Hope you continue to enjoy the Dance Island!

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