[TOP-UP EVENT] Mid-Summer Sale

Aloha, Islanders! You can get the Love Hall Ride and Black Racing Car mounts, the Sekki set, and more in the new Mid-Summer Sale!

EVENT PERIOD: 18 August (server time) – 21 (23:59 server time) August 2019.

How To:

NOTE: The top-up tiers below (120 Diamonds – 1,000 Diamonds) have an unlimited number of redemptions during the event period:

1. Single-recharge 120 Diamonds and you’ll receive:

    • Twice Lucky Egg (10)

2. Single-recharge 500 Diamonds and you’ll receive:

    • Twice Lucky Egg (10)
    • Hatsu Meteor Egg (5)

3. Single-recharge 1,000 Diamonds and you’ll receive:

    • Ruby 200
    • Hatsu Meteor Egg (10)
    • Big Couple Horn (5)

NOTE: The top-up tiers below (1,500 Diamonds – 10,000 Diamonds) have a maximum number of redemptions. You can only redeem these rewards once:

4. Single-recharge 1,500 Diamonds and you’ll receive:

    • Luxury White Rose Chest (1)
    • Ruby 1,000

5. Single-recharge 2,500 Diamonds and you’ll receive:

    • Big Horn (10)
    • Love Ride Hall (permanent)

6. Single-recharge 5,000 Diamonds and you’ll receive:

    • White Rose Chest (10)
    • Sekki Fashion (permanent)

7. Single-recharge 10,000 Diamonds and you’ll receive:

    • Black Racing Car (permanent)


    • Marcia single-recharged 5,000 Diamonds two times. She will only get the reward 1 (one) time because the maximum redemption is only 1 (one).
    • Maurice single-recharged 500 Diamonds 10 times, so he will automatically get the reward above 10 times. There’s no maximum number of redemptions.

Important Notes:

  • The top-up tiers above are excluding purchases of the Monthly and Supreme Cards.
  • The rewards will be sent 7 x 24 working hours after the calculations have been completed.
  • The DIM-Team’s decision is absolute.
  • These regulations are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Entries that fail to follow the directions will be disqualified automatically!
  • Event period: 18 August – 21 August 2019.

Hope you enjoy Dance Island~ If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask our Moderators or the Fanpage.

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