HIMEHINA’s “Hibari” Music Video Released

HIMEHINA’s “Hibari” music video was released yesterday and it might be the duo’s most beautiful and touching music video yet.

HIMEHINA is a virtual YouTuber duo known for their high-energy, comedy videos and contrasting personalities. Hime Tanaka (田中ヒメ), the pink-haired, loud, and excitable one, originally debuted by herself back on March 18, 2018. However, on May 26, 2018, Hina Suzuki (鈴木ヒナ), the calmer of the two, joined the team. From that day on, they became known as HIMEHINA Channel.

Additionally, the two VTubers have also built a following because of their music. Starting out with covers of popular songs such as “ROKI” and implementing their own twist on them, the duo has recently moved on to producing their own original music.

HIMEHINA’s “Hibari” MV: The Progress and Premiere

On June 20, Hime and Hina posted a cute behind-the-scenes video on Twitter. The video showed the HIMEHINA band with Hime and Hina in a recording studio practicing their new song.

HIMEHINA’s “Hibari” was available on Spotify for international fans, Japan’s Itunes, and Mora since about June 30. For a while, the song even took the #1 spot on Mora in two categories with their first original song, “HITOGATA,” taking second place. Later, on July 1, HIMEHINA released two half-comedic, half-serious trailers on their Twitters. Hime posted one while Hina did the other. The trailers revealed the premiere date and time for the music video.

Finally, “Hibari” has an official music video which was released on July 5, 2019, at 21:00 (JST). If you enjoyed HIMEHINA’s song “HITOGATA,” you’re going to enjoy this as well. Both the song and music video have multiple melodies and references taken directly from “HITOGATA.” However, at the same time, “Hibari” still manages to be completely different. Compared to “HITOGATA,” this new song feels much more relaxed and tells a much sadder story.

However, HIMEHINA isn’t done yet. The two are starting their new Joji Club and having a special event, 1st One Man Live “Shout Your Heart,” later on this month.

Post Author: Meya Meya